PC Tune Up
PC running sluggish have MCM look over it for you. Spyware / Spamware Removal, Antivirus upgrades, Disk Cleanup and Maintenance, Software Updates, Registry Cleaning are all included in a MCM Tune up.
Erase everything on PC and reload the Operating System back to factory ( have PC put back to when you first turned it on. )
Data Backup
Donít want to loose your latest resume or all your photographs, have MCM backup all your personal data to CD for safe keeping.
In Home Setup
Your Schedule too busy? Have MCM disconnect your PC, and Setup your PC when the job is done, leave the running to us!
Hard Drive Duplication
Just bought a new hard drive but donít want to loose anything from your old hard drive, have MCM copy all your files from the old hard drive to the new hard drive so you donít even know anything has changed other then your extra hard drive room.
Package Deals  

Anytime you get MCM to perform a service on your PC you can add option for 50 PERCENT OFF!!

Get your PC FORMATTED for $40.00 then have your data backed up for $15.00 dollars and have MCM pick it up and delivery it right to your computer room for $7.50. Thatís a savings of $22.50