Virus Detection & Removal:
Viruses are rampant on the internet and in email, odds are that you will find your self with a worm or a Trojan on your PC eventually. MCM Computing can remove these annoyances and help you protect your Windows 98, ME, XP, or 2000 machine from these threats. Check out our rates and to schedule an appointment.

Home Networking:
Odds are that you have more than one PC in your home, networking them together will allow them to share an internet connection, share printers, and allow for easy backups. Call MCM Computing for help with setting up or fixing your home network. Check out our  rates or to schedule an appointment.

Wireless Networking:
You are no longer tied down with wires for your network, home wireless networking has become affordable and easy to use. Call MCM Computing to help set up or secure your wireless network and enjoy your new freedom. Check out our rates.

Computer misbehaving? Pop-ups taking over? Modem no longer working? Call MCM Computing today and have your computer back to normal in no time. Check out our rates.

One-on-One Training:
Want to learn to use that new photo editing software, spreadsheet program, or just how to sell your collectables on ebay? MCM Computing provides private one-on-one training in your home or office. The training will be directed to exactly what you want to learn, not a textbook. Check out our rates.

Data Backup and Recovery:
Need a feeling of security? MCM Computing offers on-site and off-site data backup services. We can back up your important data to CD or DVD and store it at our offices for that extra feeling of security. Check out our rates.

Hardware/Software Upgrades:
Not ready to buy a new PC but want some better performance or some extra disk space for your videos and music? Call MCM Computing to improve your current equipment. Check out our rates.

New PC/Equipment Setup:
Finally bought a new system but need a hand setting it up, or transferring your information from your old PC? MCM Computing's setup and transfer services are the best in town and certainly the most reasonable. Check out our rates.

Annual PC Checkup:
You see your doctor for a checkup every year, take your car in for service, why not your PC? MCM Computing offers an affordable annual PC checkup which includes: